We have a 3-step process to figure out the pricing of your system. Please bear in mind that the pricing is completely dependent on the specifics of your particular system.

Step 1

Initially we will meet with you, to firstly discuss your requirements; Please bear in mind that if you have an idea of budget at this time it is very helpful if you can let us know this.

Step 2

Secondly we will then go away and prepare an initial quote for your consideration.

Step 3

At the third stage of the process we will be meeting with you. This is to ensure that the plans are tailored to your specifications and to iron out any extra question you may have.

A lighting control system, is an automated lighting technology which is scene based. Lighting control systems or automate lights are based around customisable control pads. These control pads have the ability to create various scenes so that they work for your family.

We would recommend Elan, Rako, Lutron, Pulse Eight, Paxton, Infinite Play, KNX.

A control system is a wonderful piece of software, because it eliminates the need for having multiple remote controls within your household and replaces them with one screen.

In one room alone it is quite easy to have 6 remotes for one screen, one for the Sky Box, Apple TV, Music Player, DVD, External drive and Blue Ray. This can easily get very messy and it is very easy for someone to get confused.

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